Fall Traditions Resume!

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Fall Traditions!

Fall Traditions!

Fall traditions resume and some stick to you like glue. Autumn reminds me of my childhood traditions.

Cleaning in the fall is one of those traditions from my youth!!

Which season triggers a childhood tradition for you the reader?

Thank God I do not live on the second floor! 🙂

My dear mother who is German…

Had my little sister and I on hands and knees cleaning the wooden stairway. 

This staircase was wooden, with wooden baseboards.

Imagine two young girls going down backward, the smell of pine sol in the air.

Polishing the baseboards and staircase.

My father oversaw all the windows in the apartment, he never left a streak.

My brother along with my father would move furniture as they were instructed. The German woman kept a lovely home.

Fall traditions resume but are not like that in my life now.

I do however have a lovely deck connected to the Cozy Condominium!

Today’s focus was on vacuuming and doing windows.

Then fall decorations are spread throughout the condominium!

Thank you once again for visiting and in the comments share some awesome fall decorations you may be doing this Fall!!

Thank you:

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  1. posted by trkingmomoe on September 21, 2018

    Now if it would only cool down. Happy fall to you too!

  2. posted by pensitivity101 on September 21, 2018

    We tend to have a mad clean in the spring, though after Christmas we take our decorations down and go right through the house, moving out the furniture to get underneath, go through the cupboards and defrost the freezer. Our logic is that we start the New Year with a clean home. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the only time we clean as having Maggie we hoover every day anyway!

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