Family Life Changes & Dietary Needs:

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Changes In Family Life:

Why Family Life Brings Special Dietary Needs:

Family Life Changes are the reason, here at DonnaAlfordShortStories you will experience foods for people with Special Dietary Needs. My daughter-in-law went through Bariatric surgery. If you have gone through this surgery then you may be like her and sugar makes you very sick.

Her Sweet Tooth:

Reduced-Fat & Sugar Chocolate Pound Cake

Everyone still deals with a sweet tooth. If you have gone through Bariatric surgery I created a Chocolate Pound Cake that she enjoys and has not had bad reactions.

My Son:

Family Life Changes also brought a new diagnosis. In the past two weeks, my son has been diagnosed with diabetes. I will be sharing some tried and true recipes that have helped him with his treatments also, please stay tuned.

Family Life and Diets Are Essential:

Diets are essential in a time that offers so much processed foods, let’s help one another hold each other accountable not to allow the manufacturers to tell us how to stay healthy. If you agree or even disagree with holding ourselves accountable against the manufacturers I still would like to hear from you if any of the special dietary recipes are enjoyable.

Keep Updated ON Lists:

Time to time I share Tips and Tricks. I have included a list of supplies for the pantry and some tips and tricks to help with prepping for your meals. These lists will be added to in the future.

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