Fishing Everywhere In Midlife

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Fishing Everywhere In Midlife

Fishing Everywhere:

Fishing everywhere in midlife is on my mind. Midlife causes you to think of how far you have come and where you want to go. I have been fishing and camping since I was knee-high to a grasshopper as the old saying goes.

Dad took his family on a trip every summer. My best memories of dad include watching a huge fish caught on the tiny ugly stick, that he would not share with Anyone. You were daughter or son dad had you bait your own hook.

Dad and Brother’s

Anytime I am around a large amount of water, I think about the fish I could be catching. I think about the challenges and fun of the fights. I also think about the wind blowing through your hair as the captain heads down the water.

Fishing Everywhere In Midlife Does Not Always Happen:

In 2015 I woke up and went to sleep for five beautiful days with this view. I even called about chartering a boat, I so desperately wanted to have an amazing fight. No fishing happened though, the man in my life needed to stay close to home. As I stated in the blog post Water Everywhere – I wonder if I will return to the water.

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    Thank you for sharing great memories.

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