Food Trends and Thoughts 2023

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Food Trends and Thoughts 2023

Food Trends and Thoughts 2023. Here I sit: it is 2023, and my culinary instincts have me wondering about food trends. How many new trends will I try during my travels? How many old favorites will I lean towards in my travels? I will start with restaurant trends.

According to this article; in The New York Times, How Will We Eat in 2023? Here Are 10 Predictions.  

The third prediction is about snacks. From experience, I know it is not unusual for a chef to use everything possible in a product. I agree that people love the crunch in a snack. I can not promise that I will order such a thing to eat myself. 

The second prediction is the word of the year. That word is regenivore, referring to the regenivore diet. The article 11 Foods That Will Fit Your Regenivore is an excellent place to start. 

Bison meat is first on the list of eleven, and Aldis supermarket sells some that taste good. Teff is number eleven, and I want to research and experiment with this food.

The eight other trend predictions are interesting too. 

Be sure that you comment below if you have experienced any of these predictions in 2023.

In the article, We’ve Predicted the Biggest Food Trends You’ll See In 2023 on Food-Network, there are twelve predicted.  

Steam Ovens Are the New Air Fryers; as a former culinary student and as a home chef, this idea of a steam oven intrigues me.

Tamarind Is the Ingredient of the Year. Tamarind (TAM-uh-rihnd) is the fruit pod of a tree native to northern Africa and Asia and widely cultivated in India.

This article is so full of Food Trends information that I plan on researching more in 2023.

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