Full Circle of Life

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As I take a deep breath and exhale slowly while staring into the fire; It dawns on me I’ve done this before many moons ago. 

Our first apartment had a gas burning fireplace right in the center of the apartment. The apartment was small and cozy just like the Cozy Condo. Room with the fireplace was the room the young couple chose to make their bedroom. The fireplace kept her warm and cozy while he worked late at night. Each Thursday he would remind her they would go to the lake once more when he arrived in the morning. 

After sending him out on Thursday’s she would busily get the apartment cleaned up including the bed and end up making a pallet in front of the fireplace and have a suitcase sitting by the door. He never knew about the pallet because the apartment was clean and tidy when they returned. 

Now 32 years later he sleeps in a bed just on the other side of the wall and she stares into the fire wondering what he would think if he found her on a pallet in front of the fireplace.  It seems I have come full-circle considering we started in a small cozy apartment with a fireplace, took several trips to that lake and now live in a small cozy condo with a fireplace. 

It is quite possible if your reading this you are in your midlife age. Have you realized a part of you has come full circle?  Let me know. 

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