Her Word For 2024 Is Coming True!

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Her Word For 2024 Is Coming True!

Her Word For 2024 Is Coming True!

Her Word for 2024:

Her Word For 2024 Is Coming True!

Her word for 2024 is Independence!

Moving into a new home is the boost to keep her word and promise to herself! It is a beautiful home with a great view and plenty of inspiration for creativity!

She is going back to living in the country. Watching the stars on clear nights and quilting and blogging the winters away.

Kitchen Inspiration:

The kitchen in the new home is a home chef’s dream come true! There will be plenty of space to share more recipes and finish working on my cookbook.

Tips for being Active and Healthy:

Here are 10 tips for staying active and healthy. Also, I love Body Groove. Body Groove is almost as amazing as the Jane Fonda yoga videos that I used during recovery from Covid-19.

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Make sure you follow posts like this one, Personalizing Your New Home: Infusing Your Creative Personality into Every Room over at my other website. There you can learn about My Playlists and Traveling also.

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