Hilarious Sentimental Situations

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Hilarious Sentimental Situations
February Prompts
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Hilarious Sentimental Situations:

Hilarious Sentimental Situations cause Life to be an adventure. Being a young couple you laugh years later on the adventures! I recall a hilarious sentimental situation which was the first time I went camping with my spouse.

First Camping Experience As A Couple:

It involved getting stuck on a logging road, getting out of that situation only to get stuck between two trees. It took the guys all day to get the van loose. Then while attempting to load the van onto my brother in laws big rig it left my spouse swaying side to side for a few minutes due to a ramp coming loose. After the van was safe and secure we had a big laugh over the adventure.

Lessons Learned:

I can promise you starting out as a couple who were seventeen and twenty-two life lessons were always present and sometimes still remain. In midlife you just need to think of it as lessons learned.

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