How A Timer Saved #Bloglikecrazy

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How A Timer Saved #Bloglikecrazy and Christmas!

How A Timer Saved #Bloglikecrazy and Christmas:

How A timer saved #bloglikecrazy and Christmas! Caregiver Burnout is real! The demands on a caregiver’s body, mind, and emotions can easily seem overwhelming, leading to fatigue and hopelessness — and burnout. A timer saved bloglikecrazy and Christmas the following way. This caregiver has worn a medical boot all summer due to a stress fracture. Returning to normal daily exercise too fast has caused a possible Achillies Tendon injury. Both injuries were diagnosed as happening during the overuse of the body parts. So here is why this holiday season is especially important also how a timer saved everything.

This Holiday Season:

Christmas is so important this year, attempting to make memories for Grandpa and Grandson. Our grandson is the only one we will ever have; this grandpa was the first grandparent to hold him and the one that got challenged the most in nine years.

This holiday season is looking as it may be their last one together. Grandpa has been sick for eight years and even the nine-year-old is noticing things now. Grandpa sleeps most of the visits and sometimes grandpa just does not sound right.

How A Timer Saved Everything:

I have been a part of #Bloglikecrazy my entire time of blogging. I love the challenge and the commitment to the routine. Yet it means sitting at a desk, writing my posts, and reading other blogger posts.

I am also the baker in the family and usually the hostess. If you visit you will smell cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. You will also be greeted with smiles and Christmas music in the background.

This is how a timer helped with everything, I already deal with swelling in the Achilles tendon area and I have expressed before the dangers of sitting too long. Here are 6 Serious Health Effects of Sitting All Day, According to Doctors.

Sixty minutes in each hour, I broke each hour into four fifteen-minute intervals and sat for fifteen-minutes and picked up around the condominium for fifteen-minutes for circulation.

Baking is my passion! My grandson tells his friends about my skills frequently. The smile on their faces during the Christmas celebration is priceless. I used the timer on the microwave to time my baked goods and the other timer to be able to elevate my feet while waiting.

Tell me how was your year? How is #bloglikecrazy going for you this year?

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