How Intent Are You About Goal Setting?

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Intent>>>having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose.

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How Intent are you about goal setting? Do you set new year resolutions or goals

You see a new year resolution is a promise and a goal is the end toward which effort is directed. 

Are you better at keeping a promise to yourself or putting effort towards something until you accomplish what you set out to do in life? 

Life gets hectic at times, Midlife is not always fun and games. Our generation is caring for family and aging parents or grandchildren that need that staple person in their life to guide them on their path.  Making a promise to yourself may change a million times during a 365 day in your life. Reaching the end successfully towards something after all of the effort just makes sense to this midlife person. 

I ask again how intent are you about goal setting? This midlife person has always set goals twice a year instead of new year resolutions. Twice a year because life is always changing lately. Setting goals can help with a peace of mind; that breaking promises to yourself can only lead to a broken spirit.  Of course this is just one bloggers opinion or is it? 

Imagine yourself, New Year’s Eve all dressed up maybe in a romantic setting and right before the countdown you shout out a promise to yourself. Who heard you? Who or what will hold you accountable for 365 days?  

Now imagine yourself, same romantic setting grabbing something to write 3 things you want to accomplish during the new 365 days ahead of you and then waking up the next morning seeing these 3 things and elaborating on the 3 things with efforts to put forth for 365 days. Which one makes sense, so that you can answer;

How Intent Are You About Goal Setting?

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