Is Hospitality a thing of the past?

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Grandma’s Christmas Fudge

Is Hospitality a thing of the past? I imagine if you are in your midlife years you have wondered this question once or twice.   I can not give precise answers just an opinion based on the younger generations I deal with day to day and year to year.


Based on most of them My honest opinion is that they are loosing that part of what other generations have considered Hospitality. I ask again is hospitality a thing of the past?

Do you remember coming to Grandma’s for Christmas and snatching some Christmas Fudge off dessert tables? imag0184Do you remember Sunday Family Dinners with Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob and of course biscuits? That is hospitality to someone in my generation.  

Today’s younger generation’s say there is no time for home cooking and house cleaning. Life is to fast pace and full of gadgets.  A reminder this is just one person’s opinion but as a Mom and A Grandma…I enjoy my visits better if I feel welcomed and the place is full of warmth and hospitality.

So do you think Hospitality is a thing of the Past?




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  1. posted by Success Inspirers' World on May 22, 2017

    In some places, hospitality is a thing of the past. In others it is not.


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