Island During Midlife

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Feeling like an Island at the age of 49 may sound crazy to some, but this stage of life for me is just that crazy.  Midlife has caused me to feel just like a lonely odd Island.  My husband is only five years older and has chronic health issues.  Yes, it is true as one person real close to me said this weekend he could possibly live for years in this condition. I for one would not rush anything else, but I still have to continuously do things alone.  Alone is great when your in bed with a good book or even doing a little fishing, But learning who to trust and who to let into your life and who to let get close enough to know you are a totally different perspective.  

Two years older and the filling of being an Island still exist, more questions arise daily. Sure the internet in there and full of all sorts of people and characters. The whole world revolves around the internet and social media. Does personal connection exist any longer? What about Love, Trust, and Loyalty? These are things to watch for when these fillings of being an Island During Midlife ends.  

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