Journaling Has Become A Way Of Life!!

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Image by Olichel Adamovich from Pixabay

As I sit here tonight, sipping red wine and thinking about the past few month, I think about how Journaling and writing has consumed my life.

Tangled up writer’s Life, is so close to perfect description still. It seems as everything that can stop you from writing happens these days. The person behind the pen, now has a notebook or journal for just about every area of her life.

Image by CharuTyagi from Pixabay
  • Fitness Journal and Morning Mood Journal while having tea.
  • Gardening journal for container garden
  • Home decorating journal for new colors and ideas
  • Books/Movies thought journal
  • Prayer journal
  • Journal to track memories and secret thoughts…etc.

Bullet Journaling has been interesting to learn but thank goodness I’m not as caught up on purchasing the supplies as say the fabric stash I have for quilting. I will tell you about that someday. lol


As I say goodnight and have a blessed week, to think about life and relax. Please share your journaling adventures and pingback.

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