July Song Challenge

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Blog Challenge

In August 2017 I did a Music Challenge

I am posting the Challenge a little earlier this time so that maybe others will want to take this journey along with me. 

Here is the list I will follow beginning July 1 2018:

  1. Favorite song at this time last year
  2. Current favorite song
  3. A song you blast in the car
  4. 2  summertime songs
  5. A song from your favorite album
  6. A song that reminds you of someone
  7. A song that reminds you of somewhere
  8. Song with a color in the title
  9. First song you heard today
  10. Last song you heard around 2 p.m. today
  11. A song that you listen to when your angry
  12. A song that you listen to when your happy
  13. A song that makes you want to fall in love
  14. Favorite Old country female artist
  15. Favorite New country female artist
  16. A song for friendship
  17. Newest song introduced to you this year
  18. Favorite Old country male artist
  19. Favorite New country male artist
  20. A song you hear often on the radio
  21. A Love song by female artist
  22. A Love song by male artist
  23. A song about a car
  24. A song with a number in the title
  25. A song for your mother
  26. A song for your father
  27. A song from the 80’s
  28. A song from the 90’s
  29. A song no one would expect you to love
  30. 2 songs that describes you 

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