Day 2; What Makes Favorite Songs So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

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July Songs

I actually have 2 favorite songs this year and yes the car radio is blasting when they play these songs. What makes favorite songs so addictive that you never want to miss one? For this blogger it is simple.

  1. The Lyrics have to touch my soul in some way
  2. The beat of the temple needs to make me move
  3. If it gets stuck in my mind it usually as both of the above qualities.
  • I love this song because yes even in a very long marriage your heart can be stomped on and hurt. Having someone prove it’s the real thing might be a tough pill for them to swallow but it can be done…trust me.
  • Have you ever really thought about who you were ” Born to Love”?
    There is a season and a reason for everything and everyone that crosses your path. When your heart is walked on by that person you devoted a lifetime to.. you question this often.

I absolutely love all sorts of music!!! 

Music can express so many thoughts, feelings and emotions. These two songs have great lyrics….you should always look up lyrics you will be surprised at how many you get wrong if you do not look them up. Also these two songs have wonderful rhythm and beats. 

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