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Have you ever yearned for your life before Social Media?  Both Facebook and Twitter have been available for ten years now.  I personally have been on those two sites for seven years. Lot’s have changed for us since the beginning of that seven years. Raising our now Adult Kids in a rural setting approximately forty-five minutes from town. We had dial-up internet. Very limited to what you could do on the internet and since we owned seven acres, we just enjoyed being outside more, gardening and grilling and playing.  I Admire people who still live this sort of life or at least limit their time on there just to check on family and friends.  I have recently deactivated all twitter accounts accept for my Blog, not to prevent others from my life but just to interact on a more intellectual basis instead of all the fake things from entertainers or even some of the gross things that are out on those sites.  Admire

Seven years later and two moves we now have WI-FI available and it seems since his retirement we spend a lot more of our Time hopping on the internet for games or misc…out of pure bordom sometimes.  At least until we moved to the Cozy Little Condo. After being here for about three months it is getting easier to just go find an outdoor activity or work in our garage or basement. Passing our Time fishing, swimming, reading and soon sewing.  Living in a small community is great too, neighbors who will actually chat with you without starring at a phone screen. The point to all this is, life should be balanced out, use your time in life wisely. Faster internet helps with blogging and learning but don’t waste everyday away logging on and off just to see the latest gossip or posted a hundred pictures just for attention. Go out into the world and live it to the fullest, You only get one time to use Time Wisely.  I Apologize if this blog article offended you in anyway. 

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  1. posted by Shailja... on August 2, 2016

    You gave the right advices…No need for apologising. 🙂

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