Truth Be Told: Life Is To Short For 4 Meaningless Things!

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There is an old saying, ” life is to short for________.”

Well this could cover a multitude of things, I would like to express my opinion on four things this woman views as meaningless waste of time. This is OF course just one woman’s view. I apologize right up front if this post offends your point of view. These four things consist of: Gossip, Horoscopes, Reality Shows and the drama of social networking.


Gossip we are warned in the Bible to stay away from people who gossip and guard our words when we speak. Even if you do not believe in or read the Bible these are wise words.

Why would you want to spread things you know nothing about; about a neighbor OR worse have someone do the same thing about you. This in my opinion includes gossip magazines…why spend hard earned money to read something about a person you actually know nothing about?


Horoscopes, I personally don’t even read them, again rather your a believer in God or not you and no one else are able to predict the future. Each person has a uniqueness about them and some days the choices you make affect the outcome. Again this is my opinion of meaningless things life is to short to worry over.

Reality Shows:

Reality Shows, first of all there are too many of these drama filled shows that keeps people on the couch each and every day. Whatever happened to living real life? Playing and laughing with kids and grandchildren.

We all complain about taking a vacation from the job or AT least getting home for the weekend then we give our time to other people’s drama.

Social Networking:

Last but not least is social networking. How do you use it these days compared to when you first signed up? I used to use it very rarely… actually people use to say I needed to post more. Now I use it for corresponding with blogs and my followers. I have met interesting people over past year through my blog but as soon as swimming and fishing and outdoor activities begin I can go days without even thinking about the drama on social networking. I have a phone and if it’s important it will ring.

In conclusion these are just one woman’s opinions about meaningless things that life is to short to worry over. Feedback is always welcome, please respect I am an individual with opinions just as I will return the same respect to you.
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  1. posted by raynotbradbury on April 7, 2017

    Reblogged this on raynotbradbury and commented:
    Life is too short for ________??

  2. posted by theanonymouswriter'snotebook on April 3, 2017

    This is a good read! I also shared one myself for this part of the blog. Hope you could also visit mine. Thanks! 🙂 Create, Share, Inspire – TheAnonymousWriter’sNotebook


    • posted by newlifeduringmidlife on April 5, 2017

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. Also for your kind words. I enjoyed the post you shared. I can not imagine being single parent but I know several who are strong enough to make it now I’m aware of another.

      • posted by theanonymouswriter'snotebook on April 5, 2017

        Wow thank you for reading as well! Yes that is true! But ofcourse all parents are awesome! Goodluck and looking forward to reading more of your posts! ??

        • posted by newlifeduringmidlife on April 5, 2017

          Working on next two..sometimes life causes writers block. I’ve raised my children already….now heading towards…to death do us part stages of life. We’re to young for that but he’s health is bad. Stay focused you will continue to be strong.

          • posted by theanonymouswriter'snotebook on April 5, 2017

            Wow! Congrats for being able to raise your children well. Im sure they are all good children! And yes i also sometimes experience that bec I also do a lot of work aside from writing. But it keeps me going! Thank u and u too! Stay healthy

  3. posted by handwrittenonly on March 27, 2017

    the 4 meaningless areas you covered say it all. Totally agree and by the way well written.

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