Midyear, Midlife Blogger Updates #2

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Day #2 of Blog Updates:

I really enjoy searching for ways to share for the page Monday Support Our Troops, and although today is not Monday I added a new one and updated some pictures. Please let me know in the comments on this page if you know of ways to support our Troops!!!

Another page I enjoy sharing but do not update often is Friday’s What I used to think, I look forward in the next year to have enough experienses that I can have reasons to change my mind on situations. 




Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!!, is updated and has a interactions request added to the end. 









Life is an Adventure!!!, Has a big surprise { hint; make sure speaker is turn down} 

Caregiver of a Strong Man, is the page about my spouse with COPD any posts about caregiving is pingback to that page mostly. 


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