Monday Support Our Troops

Monday Support Our Troops posts will now be displayed on its own page so that my reader’s and visitors will be able to find the links easily.  I find my resources through magazines and word of mouth from people supporting our troops. Feel free to add a link in the comments and I will be happy to move it up into a post.

Remember all posts can be shared from the blog. 

Post #1 was published on February 25, 2019


Sponsor Care Packages and much more

Support Military Spouses

Unused tickets can be donated to
The Veteran Ticket Foundation


Post #2 was published on March 4, 2019

Image by skeeze on Pixabay

There is a critical needs list and so much more

Operations Stars and Stripes

This one is mainly for a woman with children in the service. You can find a chapter near your location.

Blue Star Mothers of America

You will find ways to Volunteer and ways to Give

Soldiers Angels

Post #3 was recently published on May 20 ,2019


First up is support our K-9 friends.

Project Paws

Next is to send hard candy and other things for care packages.

For The Troops

August 8, 2019 

ship crew standing on ship
Photo by Maƫl BALLAND on

Building Homes For Heroes

Building Homes for Heroes

Image by skeeze on Pixabay

A list of helpful Veteran Resources


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