Money Saving Tips from a home cook!!

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Harvest time, no yard just an oven and freezer!!

Raising the family in the country for eighteen years, sure got this home cook spoiled with fresh garden produce and deals from farmers for fresh beef and pork. OH..deer season always brought meat too. This home cook misses canning and freezing seasons. Harvest time and no yard means you take a different approach to fill the freezer.

I have been without a yard now for almost eight years, but it has not stopped me from getting ready for winter. This week I have already baked and wrapped 16 loaves of quick bread and have a goal of 36 more loaves before Friday. Two of the quick bread recipes are going to be shared right here this weekend!!! Are you excited? I know K E Garland Is because that is what she expressed she was looking for on my last poll !! 

I am excited to share them with you all too!!

Money-saving tip

Christmas is 76 days away!!! Quick Bread can be given as gifts, food as gifts really show someone love!! I have a cousin and a really good friend who is a mailman, they brag about receiving home goodies every year and it is a fast way to mark these persons on your list. Oh, do not forget cookies too.

Visiting the produce stand then life gets busy!

Oh, I know you are sitting there thinking she’s about to remind me I spent money at the produce stand and it is about to go in the trash. 

Stop!! It might be saved!!

Money-saving tips

Take bell peppers, for example, I love having the mini peppers in my kitchen. A 12oz. bag cost a couple dollars or so and peppers freeze nicely. Just take a sheet pan lined with wax paper…

  • cut the top off and put all tops in a dish
  • Slice the peppers in nice size pieces and spread on the pan
  •  Place pan in the freezer for about a half hour
  •  Remove from freezer, bag peppers in freezer bags, pull out the amount you need with each cooking session.

Now remove the seeds from those tops, dry them out for next year’s container garden and you save another dollar or so.

1 more money-saving tip

Celery… does not freeze well, if it has just started becoming week, you can store in ice water for a couple more days or fix yourself a nice pot of soup or stew!!! 

Please leave a comment if you would like to see more tips!! Thank you for following along!  

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