Mother and Daughter: 2 Types of Woman

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Mother and Daughter: 2 Types of Woman

Mother and Daughter:

As I sit here sipping a warm cup of cocoa and looking out at the night sky. I realize as I am getting close to my mid-fifties, differences, and similarities of this daughter and her mother. 

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 Sure your sitting there reading this and thinking that all daughters turn out like their mothers, don’t be Fooled, Blinded or Gullible. All women are unique in their own ways yet take on the same roles generation after generation.  

2 Things On My Mind: Men and Communities


  1. Mom married an educated man, that wasted some of the education benefits by allowing a substance such as alcohol to run his life and decisions.
  2. She had been a widow for fourteen years and had absolutely no desire whatsoever to give another man a chance.
  3. She lived in an assistant living faculty.
  4. Mom stayed to herself except at mealtimes. She would socialize in the dining room and then return to her room.
  5. Her preference was coffee


  1. I married a not so educated man, that accepted different opportunities to learn and grow, yet at times allowed alcohol to affect some decisions.
  2. Facing the fear of becoming a young widow fairly soon and wonder often does she have the correct way of thinking or do I keep the doors of this heart open for chances?
  3.  I live in the Cozy Condo in a small community connected to a Golf Course Community with houses in the gated part.
  4. In my community I have excess to a huge pool and four lakes and an 18 hole golf course. I enjoy socializing with people at the pool all summer or escape down to the lake to clear my mind
  5. My choice is always herbal teas

As I sit here finishing that cocoa and thinking about the dinner needing to be prepared,  I Realize I enjoy being a Unique type of woman that has some of my mamma’s characteristics. I also believe if you asked me which similarity I disliked the most, I would answer number 1. Alcohol Addiction is hard on a family.



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