Music Has Always Been In My Life

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Music Has Always Been In My Life


Music has always been in my life. My earliest memory of music in my life is age six. My parents were huge music fans. I express myself through music too.

Memory of Mom and Music:

Old Country and Old Rock and Roll!!  I can hear Loretta Lynn or Donna Fargo and picture my mom cleaning the house…She’s German so the house was always in shape. If I hear Sandy Posey or Tammy Wynette…I think about mom being mad at dad.

Music and Dad:

Speaking of dad…Yeah, Jonny Cash and Meryl Haggard bring back fond memories but Marty Robbin’s song ” My women, My women, My wife” Always sends chills down my spine…that is a song dad would dance with my mom every time they were dancing.

Marty Robbins

My Parents Taught Me To Express Myself Through Music:

My parents taught me to express myself through music, and I can say with pride that I am a music fan. I express myself through music in a separate way from my parents.

woman in pink sports bra while holding smartphone, music

Headphones are used daily. Sometimes to signal I am happy, but I want to be alone, sometimes signals I’m not talking to you. My eyes and body language will tell you all you need to know.

In conclusion:

Music from the ’50s and ’60s is what my parents introduced to their children. Music from the ’70s and ’80s is what I introduced to my children. My grandson is lucky enough to hear all the above and introduce all of us to what becomes his favorites as he explores the future.

What about You?

Comment below; what generation of music fan are you? What did you learn from your parents as far as music expression?

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