Music & Song Lyrics Resources Post

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Do you love music as much as I do? Do you just listen or really get into the lyrics? Do you play an instrument? I have played the flute growing up and took guitar lessons during my teenage years. Please share your music experience in comments.

This posts will hopefully bring you new inspirations and resources! Let’s get started.

  1. Baby Boomer HeadQuartersThe title speaks for it’s self. Most of us Midlifer’s have grown up with some of the best music out there, although new artist surprise me all the time. 
  2. Sheet Music Plus… They are A+ Rating Better Business Bureau Accreditted Business. Sheet Music for everyone.
  3. Kids Com… Virtual Worlds for Kids. Summer time is around the corner and grandparents need resources. 
  4. Mud CatI saved this one for last. I have just started browsing and warning…you will be here for a while.

I really hope I have inspired you with these resources and apppreciate any links shared in comments.  Have a wonderful, blessed week ahead!!

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