Music Strangers Driving

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Music, Strangers, Driving

Music Strangers Driving:

Driving and music go hand in hand in my vehicle types of old rock, soft rock, and country. Today as I drove my grandson home, then returned songs reminded me of strangers I have met. Music, Strangers, and Driving seem to work that way. 

How does music affect you? 

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Music is always on around me. If I meet you, I will ask about your music. If I do not ask, I will watch and listen. I may already be aware of the artist or listen to several songs to learn about them. The point is if I gain new favorites and lose touch with you, your music will be around.

 I tend to create playlists for different seasons of life.

Do you make playlists?

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Strangers can be people who a spouse or friend introduced you to or someone miles away from your location. Either way, their music is the way I remember them.


Driving with others in the vehicle is sometimes a handicap when a song comes on at the wrong time. You do not want to tell any stories. Songs bring out emotions, happiness, sadness, and anger. 

Is it a handicap?


Music, Strangers, Driving is a way of life for most of us. Music is the way I remember people. Even if the stranger loses touch or walks away. The handicap of being in a vehicle with others causes someone to hide the emotions of happiness, sadness, or anger. Sometimes I make sure I know what will be playing to avoid the emotions. Do you have more challenges as the driver or passenger when certain songs are played?

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