My fear, anxiety growing up with my Grandpa’s use of alcohol

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My fear and anxiety growing up because of my Grandfather's use of alcohol

My fear, anxiety growing up with my Grandpa’s use of alcohol

My fear, anxiety growing up with my grandpa’s use of alcohol was an unusual type of experience. The smell of his alcohol was pungent. A clumsy kid remembers the smell years later.

The pungent smell affects in such a separate way than the aroma of this type of alcohol… Alcohol: In Which Way Has It Affected You?

This was my maternal grandpa. I did not have the opportunity to be around him often. Which saved me from growing up to hate the idea of first aid. This man was of German ancestors and walked with a limp. A childhood accident damaged his leg according to my mother. My mind can see a man with white crew-cut hair, one black boot two inches higher than the other and when this man cooked pancakes for his grandchildren, they kept showing up until you were full. Now let me tell you about his alcohol use.

rubbing alcohol... pungent smell

Grandpa’s use of Alcohol and Anxiety:

I was a clumsy kid, although I grew out of it, I still recall a time when I wish I could have grown out of it faster. Imagine falling and skinning your knee. I bet you have done it; we all have but now imagine a grandpa figure coming towards you with two bottles of rubbing alcohol. That is right two bottles, a towel, and a band-aid. Now picture each one of the bottles being poured out on your skinned knee. Wiped off with the towel, band-aid applied and told to go try it again.

Fear and anxiety returned often, and I always loved the outdoors, but you can bet I would think twice before pulling too many daredevil stunts.

Rubbing alcohol has better uses, trust me:

What uses does rubbing alcohol have? Glad you asked, rubbing alcohol is a common household chemical. It has several potential uses in personal care, as well as in general household cleaning.

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