New Year’s Resolution That You Kept?

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New Years Resolution Inspiration
My Spring decorations

New Year’s Resolution that you kept? It can be summed up as a way to Resolved each year’s inspiration!! Mine began In the year 2000, we as a couple embarked on the adventure of getting a brand new home, after living in a single wide mobile home since 1995. We were on seven acres about an hour outside of town. The kitchen in this new home was a dream come true for a future Chef. As you sip your coffee or tea imagine a rolling pantry, a lazy susan, an island that I turned into a baking center and plenty of counter space and storage space!!

By Christmas of 2000, we held our open house and celebrated the holiday season in the home. The following year, brought several events to cook for such as birthdays, fourth of July celebrations and Thanksgiving. When Christmas had rolled around again I needed a small change. New Year’s came and my change was to clean, sanitize and reorganize my kitchen for New Year’s every year.

Here we are in 2020, we have downsized twice since 2013 while we fought for my spouse’s disability. First, to a crowded apartment with a tiny kitchen. Then to my cozy condo and wonderful community!! The cozy condo has a galley kitchen and I absolutely love this little kitchen. I spent 3 days getting everything set up for a new year of cooking and entertaining!!

New Christmas gifts, were an exciting event also, a stand mixer and Hand Immersion Blender! Oh yeah and Cannoli and Cream Horn making tools!!

As you have read, I have kept this resolution since 2000!!

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