No More Cable News Media or Social Media For One Month Was Surprising

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No More Cable News Media and Social Media For One Month Was Surprising

No More Cable News Media:

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No more cable news media or Social media in January 2021 was the first challenge I gave myself for the new year. Finishing all audiobooks in my library was the second challenge.

Letter.ly has some interesting statistics about cable news media in 2020. Techjury.net shares some interesting statistics too. The main problem in our household is that the two adults are five years apart.

The older of the two was raised to constantly watch the news repeatedly. He will constantly change between three or four cable news media every day.

The younger of the two was raised to catch up once a day. Usually at the end of the day and live her life. In case you were not aware there is life outside of media. January is always an appropriate time to start new challenges.

Social media:

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About every year I detox from Facebook and other sites and share lessons learned.

This year I went a bit further and have no regrets. It all started when I purchased a new phone and decided not to install Facebook or Messenger which you can read more about in Dear Facebook, no tears please, I lost interest in you this new year.

Finishing Audiobooks in my library:

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My audiobook library has grown, and I felt the need to catch up. I set a reading goal of forty books for 2021 and most will be from new genres. I have even begun to listen to them in bed. The first author is Stephen King and if you have not read “ On Writing” you must listen to him read it, you will laugh and sigh and learn about this writer.


What I learned and the decisions for the next eleven months of 2021 is noticeably clear, I learned that cable news media remaining on an entire day stressed me out and proves life needs to be lived.

Not carrying social media around with me proved that the important people in my life will catch up in a more personal way. Also, words bouncing off the page has a new light after listening to the author reading their words aloud. I find more time for hobbies and my health.

February through December 2021, facebook and related apps will not appear on my new phone. Using headphones prevents me from listening to his constant news. It allows me to enjoy my music instead. I have other apps to video chat with my grandson. I have begun to enjoy BBC World News and other informative shows on 9 PBS. Also, my new favorite is Create TV!

Let me know your 2021 goals, challenges, and changes below. Thank you for visiting

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  1. posted by Jennifer Patino on February 2, 2021

    Hello. I have been trying to read your blog for awhile but I’m constantly getting stuck on the animated green fork screen & do not know why it’s not working when I’ve always been able to read before. It happens on mobile & my PC & it’s been about a month now. Is there a setting I’m not aware of that I can change to be able to read your posts again? Thank you if you are able to help because I miss reading your blog.

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