Person behind the Pen

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As I sip my second cup of tea β˜•on this Wednesday morning and search for a prompt to inspire more writing this song comes on the πŸ“». “Who are you When I’m not looking “by Blake Shelton  

Who is the person behind the pen?

There aren’t many secrets if you get me to open up because ” I wear my life” Jo dee Messina 

My life is like a scrapbook, changes almost everyday. Life is an adventure in my opinion and each up and down makes me that much stronger.

Getting back to The person behind the pen. She likes quiet mornings but actually is not a morning person. She’s always been a night owl and doesn’t see that changing.

The person behind the pen loves to write and journal but the mood needs to be right. Music 🎢 is a favorite past time. She likes it Loud in the car πŸš— and quiet when alone. 

The person behind the pen doesn’t always hold it together like a pair of bookends but she doesn’t let it show.😊 

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