Priorities For Successful Morning Routine

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Do you have a morning routine?

Morning with @MidlifeNew

Do you have something that is a priority so that the morning routine is successful?
My answer to both questions is Yes!!
My #1 Priority to a successful Morning routine and a happy attitude all day long starts the night before. My #1 Priority is to wake-up and walk into a clean kitchen..

@MidlifeNew’s Kitchen in morning

Walking into a clean kitchen puts a welcoming smile upon my face because each day is a new day, to experience or experiment with new adventures. I have always been that way but honestly since Her Journey Is Complete and The Man in the Chair could pass away when those lungs decide not to fight any longer, he sleeps more each day it seems. I have learned to get up and start my day successful and prepared.
Morning routine once in a while changes but not to often;

  • Rise about 5:00 am Central Time
  • Take care of Hygiene & Take the vitamins
  • Walk into that clean kitchen with a smile
  • Start the teapot and choose an herbal tea
  • Turn on the music that fits my mood and begin to plan the day

Beginning to plan the day also includes decisions on dinner and prepping if needed to have dinner at a decent time of evening. Today that consisted of using the crock-pot.
Do you use a crock-pot even if your going to be home all day?
I do and that post will show up later with the recipe for my Country Style Ribs….

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