Reaching for Something

By : | 0 Comments | On : August 13, 2016 | Category : Life, Internet, and Pass-Times

Some would think you are at the stage in life they call Midlife, why would you strive to reach goals at this stage. Midlife a time between finishing raising the family and retirement. Goals are important at any stage in life. Reaching the point where I am crossing over the stage with my degree in my hand is one I have worked far for so many years. One neighbor asked aren’t I too old to be in school and I shocked him as I replied ” I’m not even 50 yet and No I am not.”  Reaching for Something as big as a degree is not to far fetched. 


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  1. posted by teaismyjam on August 13, 2016

    Very true! Keep at it. You’re never too old to do anything you want to

  2. posted by unmotivatedenthusiast on August 13, 2016

    Very motivational! 🙂


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