Realizing Difference and Simularities

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As I sit here sipping a warm cup of cocoa and looking out at the Trees on the Verge of bursting with their Fall Colors, I realize as I am getting close to being a half century old, I am confidentially realizing the differences and similarities of this daughter and her mother

Sure your sitting there reading this and thinking that all daughters turn out like their mothers, don’t be Fooled, Blinded or Gullible. All women are unique in their own ways yet take on the same roles generation after generation.  

The two things my mind wonders to lately, as for as differences and similarities the men we married and the communities we each live in now.

  1. She married an educated man, that wasted some of the education benefits by allowing a substance such as alcohol to run his life and decisions.
  2. I married a not so educated man, that accepted different opportunities to learn and grow, yet at times allowed alcohol to effect some decisions.
  3. She has been a widow for ten years now and has absolutely no desire whatsoever to give another man a chance.
  4. I face the fear of becoming an young widow and wonder often does she have the correct way of thinking or do I keep the doors of this heart open for chances?
  5. She lives in an assistant living faculty.
  6.  I live in the Cozy Condo in a small community connected to a Golf Course Community with houses in the gated part.
  7. She tends to stay to herself except at meal times where she communicates with others and then back to her room.
  8. I have excess to a huge pool and four lakes, but usually enjoy the quick conversations with the other Condo residence over what I still consider strangers at the lakes. 


As I sit here finishing that cocoa and thinking about the day ahead, I Realize I enjoy being a Unique type of woman that has some of my mamma’s characteristics. 



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