Real Reason Behind Redecorating In August

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The Real Reason Behind Redecorating

Real Reason Behind Redecorating

Real Reason Behind redecorating or revamping the cozy condo in August is simply stated by F. Scott Fitzgerald…

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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

I also do not want people thinking that I am just getting rid of my life with my spouse when the good Lord decides it is time. It just so happens he likes the new color changes, especially because he is a man that favors gray, just as I expressed in Two Very Different Color Wheels

I love Decorated! I’m able to do so many things that I never thought it would be this easy to turn my house into a home. I’m giving you $10 off your subscription. You can thank me later ;)

On my previous blog, I nick-named my condo, the cozy condo. I have now lived in my condo for four years. I am ready for a change. Also, change of colors and accessories.

Revisit Past Remodeling or Decorating:

Revamp Colors and Accessories:

My color pallet consists of purples and grays, as displayed in the slideshow below. Yes, these colors are conservative and surprising to some

My home has always had some red accessories spread around and accessories consisting of things found in nature. Such as deers and bears for example. You will see I am not the type to live with florals or lace. There is nothing wrong with that style for another person. Now that I am in the mid-fifties, I enjoy the simplicity and a welcome home atmosphere.

Livingroom/Home Office Revamping:

I began the redecorating in the living room/home office, simply because that is the entry-way of the cozy condo. The condo is open floor space design. You enter into the living room and as you step on the welcome mat you see the dining area as your closing the front door.  

The newest addition to the home office is my chair!! See before and after photos below. Writers must be comfortable with an excellent choice for the solution.

Yes, it is the exact chair, the man in the chair has due to how well it held up for three years. Although the seat has worn out, we found a cover. 

More of my favorites in the Livingroom:

My design board

I found some wonderful recliner covers with pockets on Amazon. I matched the chairs with the same color. Although these throws are very snuggly due to we keep the cozy condo a cool sixty-eight degrees year-round. I went with an eggplant purple and a gray for these throws.

These pillow covers were found on Amazon as well. Two in the living room and the other two will be in the guest bedroom. The best thing about a small home you can incorporate the color theme throughout the home fairly easily.

Forward to September :

The month of September will bring a finished kitchen and bathroom. Along with organizing small spaces. Share your home changes this summer and your Reason Behind Redecorating

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