Relying on Others Was Not Easy!

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Relying on Others Was Not Easy!

Relying on Others Was Not Easy!

Relying on Others Was Not Easy! Stay Home is what they said, keep the virus away from low immune patients and children with asthma and elders. My only outings these days of caregiving were to the grocery store and once in a while a fast-food restaurant.
The past 45 days took that all away.

Caregiver Life Changes During A Quarantine!

My adult children ran my errands and did my shopping.
They had my basic list and would call if those things were not available so I can choose a substitute. I cook from scratch daily. Twice a month I pick up take out to have a break.
Some weeks that decision had to be made for me too.

Why I Depended On Others:

  • Spouse is End-Stage COPD,
  • Grandson second grader has asthma history
  • Daughter in law works in a hospital

My spouse is End-Stage COPD dr. told us last December not to allow any type of cold or respiratory issues in our home due to he can not fight such things.

My Grandson is a second-grader who has been hospitalized with asthma in the past. He also needed a teacher to help him finish this second-grade year.

While his mom worked in housekeeping at the nearest hospital and my son kept their apartment sterilized and his parents’ errands and groceries up along with his sister’s assistance.

We worked as a family and protected the two high risk loved ones in our family. The other grandparents’ video chatted every chance they had and my grandson learned even more about technology.

Rather you are in your fifties, sixties or older; Relying on Others Is Not Easy but families usually get each other through.

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