Remodeling in Midlife Update!

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Remodeling in Midlife Update!

First Time Remodeling in Midlife:

In June of 2017 Remodeling in Midlife was happening. We were remodeling 2 homes at the same time! After you catch your breath, follow along and see some results.

Updating First Time Remodeling in Midlife:

The family home did get a new roof and new siding before letting it go to another owner, and getting it out of our midlife budget. The Cozy Condo is now our main focus of Remodeling and Decorating; so The Cozy Condo did get the French Doors, that was a pure headache. They have installed a total of two times and worked on by 3 different contractors through Lowes Home Improvement before we were satisfied with everything. Now they are beautiful additions to the dining room and they lead right out to the deck.

Our French doors

My Kitchen Gets High Priority!!

http://Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

“The kitchen’s the only place I’ve ever felt like I belonged. I loved every minute of it, the heat, the pressure, the violence.”

Bradley Cooper – Adam Jones


Every decorating magazine or website I visit I am always looking for kitchen ideas first. If you are reading this and can share a link in comments I would love it! I have what they call a Gallery Kitchen>>a household kitchen designed with kitchen units on both sides and no kitchen table. The Cozy Condo also has a nice dining area, , the condo is an open floor plan so my guests can visit as I am preparing the foods and drinks.

http://Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Ideas For A Small Kitchen:

  1. A Entertainment Drawer
  2. A Drawer For Small Bakeware
  3.  Accessible Hidden Cookbooks
  4. Baking Center

An Entertainment Drawer

An Entertainment Drawer is very helpful in a small kitchen. My 16″ by 14″ drawer hold:

  • a bin with wine opening accessories,
  • a bin with a hand juicer
  • a small bin for shot glasses
  • three small bartender books about mixed drinks, wines, and cheeses.

A Drawer For Small Bakeware

http://Photo by Kajsa Gilenstam on Unsplash

A Drawer For Small Bakeware is handy, my 16″ by 14″ drawer is right next to the entertainment drawer and it holds,

  • 3 small ceramic loaf pans,
  • 2 small cutting boards,
  • 4 Ramekins
  • 6 Food Shot Glasses for appitizers and desserts.

Acessible Hidden Cookbook

http://Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Accessible Hidden Cookbooks are a mature part of my small kitchen. There is no room for bookshelves or even countertop space to spare. My cabinet in between the refrigerator and stove is perfect. It measures 30″ long by 15″ wide. It has 3 shelves in total. My favorite cookbook authors fit on the bottom shelf. Middle shelf houses my recipe card boxes and the top shelf is for recipe books I do not access very often but feel more at ease if I can get to them as needed.

Baking Center:

My Baking Center is still a work in progress….stay tune for results.

My drawers and hidden Cookbooks

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