Remodeling in Midlife

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Making modifications’ to a home anytime of life is scary to say the least. If your fifty years old or older thoughts are racing through your mind of is this my last chance to make changes? Do I have the resources to handle what goes wrong?

This Midlife couple is attempting to live with those thoughts while making modifications’ to two properties. Yes you read that correctly. Two. We downsized from the home we raised our family in…to the cozy condo; because of his health.  He foolishly rented that homestead to a relative for three years and needless to say received it back in an unsellable condition. Now She and the adult kids along with him have agreed it is no longer their home and She will not spend her remaining years on earth after he passes alone in solitarily confinement. 

Currently today the third day of June….the roof of the homestead is being completed. In about another week French doors get installed in cozy condo. Yep if your in your Midlife years you might be holding your breath…You are definitely NOT Alone.  Stay tuned for adventures of Remodeling in Midlife.   

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