Risks In An Unknown World

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Risks For A Caregiver & Patient In An Unknown World!

Risks In An Unknown World

Caregiver’s Life Changes During A Quarantine.

Risks in an unknown world exist. The risks for a caregiver and Patient in an unknown world can be challenging!

The Caregiver is cautious before viruses enter their environments without delay. Caregivers face the stress of all types.

Some of those stresses include walking on egg-shells.  

The Patient

A Caregiver Risks:

Respiratory germs:

Respiratory germs are tough on a healthy individual. A COPD patient it is a frightening thought that something can cause the end of life.  

Understanding modes of germ transmission, you can protect your health and that of the people around you. A caregiver is always managing the prevention of germs that cause respiratory problems. 

Anxiety on the Rise:

A COPD patient in the end stages lives with anxiety. A COPD patients’ day may look similar to this; Check the news and death toll often. The question visitors or where the caregiver has been will be asked too.

Caregivers have many anxieties to deal with daily. A caregiver’s daily duties consist of, access the calendar for phone calls or deliveries. Call in the grocery order and pick up time.

Manage the prevention of germs. Have a cup of tea or try the other 6 Secret At-Home Stress Relievers. 

Medication Mishaps And Dr. Appointments:

As for as Dr. appointments go, his primary physician makes house calls. Every three-month visit is postponed. Medication mishaps do not happen often. That stirs up anxieties as well.

Immune System, Mindfulness, and Solitude:

The immune system is a complex system that depends on the interaction of many different cells, organs, and proteins for its optimal function. 

Tips for a healthy immune system are essential. I plan to share some of my tricks in the coming posts. 

Mindfulness is a part of this caregiver’s life. Staying in routine is a major part of life as well.

Earlier writings, I expressed being Overwhelmed by Solitude. Solitude has positive and negative effects on a person.

Solitude is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness. After dealing with the emotions of his illness for six years now, I am comfortable with solitude. I look forward to some solitude each day and in the future! 


As shown above Risks In An Unknown World affects the lives of an end-stage COPD patient and a caregiver. Respiratory germs, Anxiety on the Rise are just two ways. Keeping stress down and our immune systems up are also challenging.


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