September Is Worth Making Goals!

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September Is Worth Making Goals!

September Is Worth Making Goals:

September Is Worth Making Goals: September is the time of year, especially with the crazy ride we took in 2020 to make goals. There are several opinions about the statistics behind goal setting. One of the widely shared articles is The Harvard MBA Business School Study On Goal Setting.


  1. September Is Worth Making Goals
  2. 99 Days Until Christmas!
  3. Finishing 2020 With Goals:
  4. Bonus: Christmas Challenge goal;


99 Days Until Christmas!

Finishing 2020 With Goals:

Goals for life, writing, and cooking are how I am finishing 2020. Life goals pertain to the real likelihood that I will face widowhood. It is sad but true. If you followed the previous blog, you are well aware of these possibilities.  

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  1. Sharing emotions and decisions
  2. Sharing budgets and decisions
  3. Participating in traveling and decisions
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Writing goals will include sharing my poetry and book writing accomplishments and participating in Novembers #Bloglikecrazy. 

  1. Sharing where to find my poems
  2. Sharing my progress on writing books
  3. Taking part in a #bloglikecrazy
  4. Participating in guest post offers.
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Cooking goals will include a reorganized chef kitchen and the announcement when I have officially returned to finish my Culinary Arts degree!!

  1. Chef tools for a home chef
  2. Recipes for special diets
  3. Returning to school

Bonus: Christmas Challenge goal;

The Christmas Challenge goal is to begin in November with how I accomplish staying on budget and how I maintain a Christmas spirit in the home.

  1. Budget do’s and don’ts during Christmas.
  2. Christmas budget mishaps.
  3. Christmas spirit while living with a bah humbug person.
  4. How a child is affected by the Christmas spirit
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With the end of 2020 nearing and it was one crazy ride this year, are you setting goals?

 Pingback, let me have the opportunity to encourage your plans and to finish 2020 together.

  1. Do you have new prompt ideas?
  2. Do you have a new website?
  3. Are you going to finish a dream? 
  4. Are you going to travel?
  5. How will your Christmas spirit affect your family?

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