Sidewalk to long

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Looking at a sidewalk everyday you think things such as; at least I’m not walking in mud or maybe who clears the wintry stuff that will soon fall.

But when you’re a care-giver of someone with lung disease, you must look at this sidewalk as an obstacle in their lives. I am always the positive one here at home, I see it as the path I must walk to remove the garbage from my home and to get over to the mailboxes. A spouse with lung disease sees it as a very mile long hike to get to his vehicle, although it is actually three minutes to the dumpster and back to our front door. Walking down this sidewalk is actually a good thing, if he would just consider at least he is not stuck in bed yet.



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    This “Sidewalk” is not used any longer by the man with lung disease.
    These days he prefers to just remain inside.


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