Silence And The Man In The Chair

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Silence And The Man In The Chair

Silence And The Man In The Chair

Silence And The Man In The Chair. As I sit on the deck of the cozy condo with a glass of wine. . I can now share that the man in the chair has passed peacefully in his sleep, a few weeks ago. Today I made Julia Child’s Leek and Potato Soup. While thinking about all my wonderful neighbors who brought me food the first week. One person baked me an apple pie. It taste so good, but I think it is because someone baked for me for a change.

Women’s Intuition:

I found myself warning everyone that it would be this year. After eight years of fighting this horrible lung disease, he was tired of fighting. He went peacefully in his sleep and is at rest now. Still seem weird writing the word widow on documents but this is a part of my life now. After being a caregiver for both parents. Then, my spouse, I can say with confidence there are no regrets in my mind or in my heart.

What does the future hold?

As I head towards another week of appointments and checking in with friends. I can not help to think about which body of water will I sit by and gather my thoughts. Will it be an old favorite? Will it be down south with some friends? Those answers are not clear yet, the cozy condo is full of silence. I am looking forward to Bloglikecrazy this November! Writing about lessons learned, goal setting and traveling is the plan.

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  1. posted by Mary Weiss on August 23, 2021

    Love it!

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