Update: Silence from this story writer again

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 4, 2022 | Category : Covid19, Everyday Life, Health, Short Stories

Silence from this story writer again.

Update 2022

This writer is in recovery mode. Looking forward to returning to writing soon!

Silence from this story writer again. The picture above says it all.

This writer has been away because of covid pneumonia. She is on the recovery end of everything but still needs time away.

As usual she is keeping a journal and can not wait to tell you about the bright pink morning she woke up to one day. Also tell you how she learned living with a narcissistic person makes life hard and yet made her a stronger woman.

This writer really wants to express covid is real and take down the healthy and active people too.

Stay tuned for stories hopefully by the middle of the Brand New Year.

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