Six Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About A Brand New Free.

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As my caregiver days narrow towards a whole different way of life, there are six simple ( but important) things to remember about a brand new free.

Free>>>: enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another

Solitude: ,after being an oldest sibling and caring for both parents at times, then raising my own children and being my spouses caregiver 24/7. (1. ) I can honestly look you in the eye now and tell you the solitude of my own space is one of the best feelings of Free I have ever experienced.

Impossible; at midlife it does not take long to figure out. (2) I’m Possible…I can be myself, the person God created and expect you to be that way also.

There is the first 2 of 6 Simple ( but Important) things to remember about a brand new Free. 4 more to go are you ready? Are you surprised?

3. Artificial Love. Is not a lifestyle I ever plan to deal with again in my lifetime. Life is just to short. Even the Internet is in my opinion a way for some to get stuck in an Artificial type of Love. People through around words that they do not mean and try to manipulate you into believing things. I have heard this from girlfriends who explored online dating and word of mouth is enough for me to decide against such foolish way.

4. Born 2 Fly… I have kept my feet firmly on the ground my entire life, although every since I had taken Spanish all 4 years in high school I knew I would finish school and be a wanderlust. Life handed a different path, “caregiver.” Now ” Caregiver” time is narrowing towards a different time in life and part of the brand new free will without a doubt prove….” I was born to fly”

Self-Care, #5. That’s right a list of brand new free has to include Self-care… this is for your mind, body and soul.

We are just about to the end of the 6 simple ( but important) things to remember about a brand new free…Did anything surprise you? Do you agree or disagree? Have you found a brand new free?”

#6…Bridges of life continue….., I am facing a bridge in life that the woman before me faced at later ages. Each one of them gave it their very best and now I will be my very best also.

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