Stronger and Confident in Age

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Living Naturally is a very important part of my life, especially now that I have reached the milestone of being in my fifties.   Living Naturally  

Milestones in life are always filled with wonder and curiosityAt the age of 51 I am always proud to say I do not take any prescription drugs and barely take any over the counter drugs.  Now if you see me strolling around in a grocery store you will see my cart has pain reliever and heartburn medicine and occasionally some cold medicine.  Most of that stuff is for the Strong Man    this person is full-time caregiver for each day.  

The reason for this post is to share another milestone in my health, in order to avoid once again putting unnecessary medicines in my system. The medicine that I can now say I do not need has to do with heartburn. The challenge was taken after a magazine article in” First for Woman Oct. 23, 2017 issue” Brought my attention to a new research. 

As stated on  Living Naturally  I usually experiment with new ideas before sharing and that I am not a health professional so please talk with your health provider before testing anything on yourself.  

The article and research has to do with Acid Blockers like Zantac or Nexium. Since this article was in a women’s magazine they gear the article to women but if any man is curious enough after getting approval from health provider to try this research out, please come back and share if there is a difference in your life.

In the article Dr. Steven Gundry, M.D.; says ” Stomach acid is one of the first lines of defense against lectins because stomach acid digests lectins. Using acid blockers therefore allows more lectins into the gut.” He advices instead to use Rolaids or Tums, made with calcium carbonate.  You can find out more at this link


and don’t forget to learn about who he is at this link

Well now it’s time to share my milestone. For the past three months I have not taking any Zantac to stop heartburn. I was taken sometimes two a day and still going to bed with signs of heartburn. I changed my diet just a little bit and in the past three months changed up my exercise routine just a little bit too.  I now only take an occasional Tums, and once a week Alka- Selzer and I do not go to bed or wake up with heartburn.  

Please remember I am not a health professional, so please talk to your Dr. before changes and remember you pay the Dr. to take care of you so ask questions and be a part of your healthcare.  Also PLEASE leave a comment if you have or haven’t had similar results. 

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