Stubbornness Broken

By : | 0 Comments | On : August 9, 2016 | Category : Life and Care-giving


The picture above is actually my husband of 31-years grilling my dinner while I am down the hill fishing. This man is one of the most stubborn men in my life.  He never wants his face on the social media and has made that clear in so many ways.  This particular trip was right before he went into the hospital with pneumonia and with having chronic lung disease that can end up being a very scary thing.  Usually he is such a stubborn patient that ER staff avoid all conflict possible with this man. He tells them what he wants and how he wants it, just like in his life.

Stubbornness was broken for a week in July though. This Care-giver and devoted wife before taking him in asked him to think about the consequences if he was to tough on her and the hospital staff. The week was still rough and that Stubbornness showed it self often but lessons were learned by all involved.   

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