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5 Simple Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking

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5 Simple ( but important) Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking

5 Simple Things: Mise en place Aroma Flavor Zest Healthy Eating Mise en Place 5 Simple Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking, Mise en Place  or, “setting in place, positioning.” Although this is important to chefs in a restaurant, it is just as useful for the home chef. Meal planning ... more

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Chef Movies: Four Likes Or Dislikes.

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The movie “Burnt” with Bradley Cooper. (LIKE)… The quote Bradley Cooper makes in this movie, about the kitchen is absolutely the way I feel about myself. I have a history of being an Introvert type person except when I am in the kitchen creating and working with other creators. ( ... more

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Is Hospitality a thing of the past?

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Do you remember coming to Grandma's for Christmas and snatching some Christmas Fudge off dessert tables more

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