The Man in the Chair

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The Man In The Chair

The Chair:

The chair was purchased while the strong man with COPD that I am a caregiver for and the spouse of, spent a week in the hospital for pneumonia in 2016. This caregiver thinks about that each time she looks up from her morning cup of tea. While he is still asleep in the next room.

She recalls calling him about it from the store and him stating he could not see spending the money on himself. I assured him he deserved such a luxury. Purchased it, assembled it and had it waiting for his return.

The Man in the Chair:

I know your sitting there laughing at the fact I said a chair was a luxury. Well, men really focus on working and paying bills They are not thinking about what will help him be comfortable.

A Caregiver’s Thoughts:

This midlife care-giver admits looking at this chair in the future will cause two very different emotions. First one, when the lungs stops fighting to live, and the chair sits there empty it will assure her she did well and should live with no regret of a lifetime of nurturing and caregiving.

God Bless All the Care-givers out there, support one another.

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