The person behind The Pen

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The person behind the Pen

Who Is The Person Behind The Pen?

Who is the person behind the pen?


As I sip my second cup of tea ☕ this Tuesday morning and search for a prompt to inspire more writing this song comes on the radio, “Who are you When I’m not looking “by Blake Shelton  

Person Behind The Pen Is Simple:

There are not many secrets if you get me to open up because ” I wear my life” Jo dee Messina 

Read “I Wear My Life” by Jo Dee Messina on Genius

My life is like a scrapbook, changes almost every day.

Life is an adventure in my opinion. Each up & down makes me that much stronger. Getting back to The person behind the pen. She likes quiet mornings but actually is not a morning person. She’s always been a night owl and doesn’t see that changing.

The person behind the pen loves to write and journal but the mood needs to be right. Music is a favorite past time. She likes it Loud in the car and quiet when alone. 

The person behind the pen does not always hold it together like a pair of bookends but she doesn’t let it show.? 

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