The purpose of a gnat named Norris

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October Prompts

Gnat>A person regarded as tiny or insignificant.

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One bright Saturday morning a little girl got up and had her cereal while telling her grandma she planned on building with blocks today since it was blustery cold outdoors. Hours went by and the living room was filled with an imaginary town of blocks and little people.

Grandmother took a little break from baking and sat down to listen to the little girls’ tales. The little girl began to tell a story about Norris. Norris was the tiniest villager. Everyone overlooked the purpose of a gnat named Norris and were utterly amazed when he was the only one to fit through the whole of the demolished tower and pull out his kitten.

Grandmother smiled and hugged the little girl, your imagination is amazing but remembers there is always a purpose for the gnat in the tribe.

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    A wonderful lesson… ?


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