This Is Why Next Year Will Be The Year Of Short Stories.

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This website/blog is about to become a potential Author’s Page.

This is why next year will be the year of short stories. Years ago I attended my first English College Course. An assignment given at that time was a narrative essay on the subject of the most memorable childhood incident you can recall and how it stuck with you throughout your life.

I imagine if you have been following for sometime your sitting their thinking it has to be her mother… you are correct. The incident of her brain surgery in the year 1979 has always stuck with me. That essay not only caused my Instructor to want to know more but it caused family members to cry, when I read it out loud. I have been told for years, to write short story books on this and other topics.

This is why next year will be the year of short stories. I will follow the goals and dreams it takes to get published. Some of the goals to watch for:

  • Website Changes
  • Domain Changes
  • Credit to those behind the scene, ex> photographers, Web Support, Editors, etc..
  • Easy to access menus
  • Contact and Newsletters
  • Freebies

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