Two Years Since Her Journey Is Completed

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Two Years Since Her Journey Was Completed

Two Years:

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Here I sit at my desk two years later. The aroma of pot roast lingers in the air, and cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven. The month of November brings thoughts of Her Journey Is Complete. As I look back to Friday’s Music and Why It topped My Charts, I think about how life has changed but her words are always in my mind.

My mother had a way with words that just stuck in your mind. I was the daughter she watched prepare for widowhood.

Her Way With Words:

As I stated, I was the daughter she watched prepare for widowhood.

Her words stick in my mind every time I lay down at night and make my California King size bed each day.

During my visits with her, she would tell me that the nights are the loneliest.

I think about that since I have already slept alone for three years.

But when I make this king-size bed each day, I think about the time she wheeled herself into my bedroom. She said, ” You know the nights are the loneliest.” I replied, ” yes you keep reminding me of that often.” She said, ” yes, but your bed is bigger than mine.” I hugged her neck and said, ” Thanks for pointing that out.”


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  1. posted by Mary Weiss on November 9, 2020

    You’re going to make me cry before her anniversary date. I’ve been thinking about mom a lot lately.

    • posted by Donna on November 9, 2020

      She raised strong women and inspired us every day. I bet if you really take some time
      with your thoughts, she left you with messages too.

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