Water Everywhere

By : | 0 Comments | On : September 16, 2016 | Category : Nature, Water, Fire Outdoors


View from a Room on the 23rd floor of a Hotel in South Carolina, that is where this girl spent New Years 2016. A bucket list gift from my husband of 32 years. We had spent many of summers at the lake fishing but until I open that balcony window I had no idea how beautiful and how much water you could see in one location. Hearing those waves slapping against the beach every evening before closing my eyes causes a relaxed feeling only few can imagine.



The pier you see off in the distance was one in a half mile walk one way from our hotel. Due to his illness I walked the Beach alone and on my own just to reach the pier. Stopping often to pick up shell, and to stare out as far as the eye could see in amazement as to such a creation. Water Everywhere. Going through this stage of life called Midlife and doing most of it all alone yet your not alone,  you can sit and stare into the water and wonder how will life turn out and will I ever revisit the Water Again?



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