A Writer’s Review for 2020

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A Writer's Review

A Writer’s Review for 2020

This writer’s review for 2020 will reveal some progress and some sadness. We will catch up on the man in the chair, an incredibly sad event that took place and missing a special person. Also, counting on others. Along with everyone living during a weird time, writing itself went slow this year.

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The Man in the Chair:

This writer’s review reveals Caregiver’s Responsibilities Emotions &Thoughts are completely overwhelmed this year. Although we kept the man in the chair protected from the outside germs. The caregiver had to be strong enough to question relatives and friends alike before allowing visits. The Man in the Chair sounds horrible and it took the doctor an entire year before he could come out and listen to the lungs.

The Copd patient cannot even make a simple glass of tea without the caregiver hearing is breathlessness throughout the entire condominium. He still walks into the kitchen on his own and to other parts of the home, but that is the beginning of the breathlessness. Then doing the actual job of fixing a glass of tea or even grabbing a snack causes more breathlessness. He feels more secure and sleeps better when the caregiver stays home. That means errands are done quickly or rely on others.

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Writer’s review includes Counted on Others:

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Relying on others was not easy for this strong woman. Because of studying culinary, I enjoy grocery shopping, I was incredibly lucky though that my adult children knew if something were not available at the store, they could call, and I would know what to substitute. I also had to count on neighbors to remind me to take care of myself. They accomplished this by making sure I got fresh air every day while walking or just visiting.

The sad event:

This writer’s review will also address the sad event in 2020. I wrote this Letter to My Reader’s in June. The case has been to court once since then and is expected to go to trial in January.

Writer’s review on missing someone:

Life has sure been different in the past two years. Two Years Since Her Journey Is Completed. The phone has been quiet, sports seem to go away after she did and I can thank God for one thing, Thank God she did not have to sit in the nursing home and go without her children and grandchildren.


2020 will go down in history as a year we will not forget easily. We have hated some of it and learned from most of it, we have lost friends and family in three ways. Either death from a virus that is still not completely understood. Some of us lost young people because they decided to take their own lives, or we just lost people who value their politics over their peers and relationships.

This writer is still looking forward to a brand-new year and brand-new beginnings.

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